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Tech Tip – How to Have Better Virtual Meetings, Part 3: Keep the traction and momentum that you made

Anyone who conducts online meetings on a regular basis will tell you that success is in the follow up. Set up and facilitation are very important but if clear goals and next steps are not shared, everything that was accomplished in the meeting can fall flat. And there’s more to it than just sending out an email that recaps what was discussed. Here are some helpful tips that can keep your momentum rolling.

How to Have Better Virtual Meetings, Part 2: How to conduct an easy & effective online meeting

Setting up your online meeting can definitely have an impact on how effective it can be. But it takes attention and governance to ensure that the meeting flows as intended. This doesn’t have to be exhausting, but it does take awareness. Keeping these points in mind as you start and conduct the meeting will help keep everyone’s time and voice is respected.

Tech Tip – How to Have Better Virtual Meetings, Part 1: How to set up your online meeting for success

Virtual meetings are a reality for most of the world now. And though it can seem easy to simply try to conduct the same meeting you would at the office, there are a multitude of new factors that must be considered.

Tech Tip – Virtual Meeting Privacy

Virtual meetings are literally saving jobs right now, so it’s understandable why adoption rates are soaring. Back in March, many companies found themselves requiring a new online meeting solution. But with the immediacy of the need, some companies overlooked user best practices that help keep security tight. For instance, have you ever seen anonymous participants on sensitive calls? Often these people were invited and they just chose to login differently, but what if the person who joined wasn’t invited in the first place? And have you ever been finishing up a call as new participants begin joining in–because the access code is the same?