About Us

Changing your mind about IT.

Help Desk Cavalry was founded to give businesses a professional IT team without hiring employees of their own. Since our founding, we’ve welcomed small businesses, large businesses, and organizations into our family. We provide the highest level of care at a monthly rate you can expect. Your technology should not work at the expense of your budget, it should make your business better so you can focus on doing what you do best. We treat our team like family as well as our clients. Our team provides friendly, patient, and knowledgeable service to our community of clients, who know that the success of their business is just a phone call away.

Our Mission

Building lasting relationships within our community by being friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.

Our Vision

To have a culture where people want to work, prospects want to work with, and the community wants to engage with.

Our Values


We spend much of our waking life involved in relationships associated with the work place.  As a result, “business is personal” to us.


We strive to create loyal clients that are more than satisfied — spreading word that Help Desk Cavalry is extraordinary and they are confident in their technology and the services we provide.


Trust is earned through support of one another at all times. We believe in the basic honesty and reliability of teammates and clients. We must treat everyone with dignity and respect. Open, honest and respectful communication is essential to our success.


We value integrity in all of our relationships. Integrity is marked by open and honest communications and delivering on the expectations we set with each other and clients.