The response time was excellent. The problem was solved quickly. Great customer service with a smile and a laugh. Thank you.

Gail Fleming

You have been a delight!

Alyssa Aimette

She was very helpful!

Kazi Kumkum

They fixed my problem (Which was causing me to not be able to do my job) quickly & efficiently. I was so happy I even told them that I loved them 🙂 Happy Thursday & keep up the good work!

Shalae Lundgren

Always a pleasure to work with! Always troubleshoots issues in an effective and timely manner!

Catina Strode
Olympic Peninsula Kidney Centers

The Help Desk Cavalry is an excellent resource to tackle the daily technical issues of our company. They consistently deliver an excellent client experience, backing up the practical with professional understanding of the unique needs of our business. They are extremely energetic, self-motivated and able to swiftly assess and address problems. I was also impressed with their level of concern and urgency through all phases of the various projects we have and are working on—a strong recommendation!

Sunshine Nance

The tech was very patience with me….Thank you

Stephanie Wright-Hodge

Thank you for the quick and friendly service!

Nicole Stephens

She was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She did a great job! Thank you. 🙂

J’Nene McCann

By far the HDCav team was one of the best parts of our moving experience and Chris Kelley was phenomenal!

He worked tirelessly with our telecom vendors through a very unpleasant surprise as the moving date approached. The HDCav Team went above and beyond in securing Comcast into our business when one of our vendors indicated they would not be meeting our telecom deadline.

Chris was onsite on over the holiday weekend helping to prep and troubleshoot our technology set-up giving us piece of mind and confidence that we would be ready for business when our doors opened and our employees arrived for work on Tuesday.

Great job by Chris and the HDCav Team!!!

Mike Murphy
Member Access Processing
Liberty Bay Bank Logo

Great job, quick fix and I am good to go.

Duane Edwards

HDC has been so helpful for Poulsbo First Lutheran as a small business, setting up a secure network and giving us on demand help for both staff and volunteers. We would be in the dark ages without them, and I appreciate them more every day because of their dedication, their expertise, and their professionalism. Every tech is courteous, kind, and diligent. Thank you for being part of our community, HDC!

Alison Whitney Shane

Done very quickly! thanks!

Bre Horst

Fast response – nice!

Barbra Mascarin

Very helpful. Thank You!

Belinda Rodriguez

Thanks for calling to look into the phishing issue of yesterday and make adjustments to my laptop!

Bob Cranmer

The person who assisted me this morning was great, exceptional customer service and patience and kindness. thank you!!

Mirissa Cicelski,

Super easy to work with. Thank you

Kirstin Cox

I have been extremely impressed with The Help Desk Cavalry. In the specialized industrial and commercial construction industry, they quickly seized on the opportunities and issues in our business and put together a comprehensive plan. Their high-energy and analytical skills allowed them to present to us a completely different way of looking at our IT infrastructure, and we are now leveraging their offerings across our company. We are very pleased with their results!”

Buzz Holmes

Top Notch support from what to get and the crew making time to work within my schedule. My machine is running so well now, makes my work life day much easier.

Sherry Eckert

I was so thankful I was helped immediately today and my crisis was averted.

Sharon Adams

As usual, tech support has been outstanding. Issues quickly understood and solved by a friendly professional staff member. Thank you.

Jennifer Mentor Mills

Great job!!!!

Joseph Kiaune

Very friendly and got the job done. Thank you.

Christy Stoops

Always a pleasure to work with!

Catina Strode
Olympic Peninsula Kidney Centers

The technician was able to easily walk me through what needed to be done and the whole process was very quick. THUMBS UP!!”

Eric Barnes

Thank you for taking care of this for me. The service your provide is excellent and you were sensitive to my needing to continue to work on the computer.

Gail Fleming
Kitsap Conservation District Logo

My experience with your technician was very positive; she answered my questions and found my issue quickly and had the remedy installed in just a matter of minutes. I was extremely satisfied with her service. Thank you

Dan Larsen

It was very appreciated that I didn’t have to wait for a call back to move on through my work day. THANK YOU!

Jeanette Winn

I appreciate the quick and helpful resolution of the problem. Thank you!

Mary Peters

HDCav staff were, as always, incredibly professional, ensured that I had access to the drive and services I needed in a very short time period. I was under a time crunch and they were able to close these tickets within minutes, ensuring I was able to successfully present to the participants. Very much appreciated.

Jeff Aipperspach

We appreciate the quick service

Sharon Adams,

As always, the issue was handled quickly, professionally and with kindness.

Jennifer Mentor Mills

Great service


Jeremy Stitt

Great service- courteous, quick and professional. Thank you very much for your help!

Bob Macht

Before Help Desk Cavalry, I’d wake up every morning worrying about what IT issues I was going to face that day. Now, our responsive IT partner is on top of the technology, keeping our systems reliable and they take care of any IT issues. I no longer need to worry. We use technology to expand our capacity to deliver on our mission.”

Kate Kuhlman

Really appreciate the quick response & resolution of the problem.

Mary Peters

Thank you for the quick response as usual. Much appreciated.

Olga Grindstaff
Olympic Peninsula Kidney Centers

Very nice and helpful.

Sharon Adams

Excellent customer service!

Corina Smith
Sound Experience Logo

Thank you for your quick response. You gave me peace of mind. 🙂

Catherine Collins

I really appreciate the quick response and resolution of the problem.

Mary Peters

Help Desk Cavalry has ridden to my rescue so many times I’ve lost count. I’ve sought help over the phone many times and in each case the HDC staff member was helpful, patient, and good-humored. They’ve always resolved my problems and answered my questions right away. Easy to access, pleasant to talk to, and effective: Help Desk Cavalry rules.

Cassandra de Kanter

Help Desk Cavalry presented a comprehensive hardware, vendor management, security, software, and technical services package in an understandable manner. The flat rate cost was spread in an easy-to-budget monthly amount that we can count on not to fluctuate each month. They actually knew what they were talking about, which took the fear away. Since coming onboard to manage our IT network, we regularly sit down and discuss our needs and then agree on a roll-out schedule that is least disruptive to our services. The Help Desk Cavalry and Communitas relationship is a true partnership that helps Communitas to better serve. Isn’t that the way that it should work?

Alan Petersen

Tech are knowledgeable and easy to get along with.

Sharon Adams

After Help Desk Cavalry took over responsibilities for IT infrastructure my life changed for the better. With the previous outsourced IT company, when I came to work in the morning, I dreaded that I would find employees complaining that they couldn’t get their work done due to technology issues. With Help Desk Cavalry, it’s a new day, where I don’t have IT issues as my primary experience. Technical issues still happen occasionally, but now, IT issues are immediately handled. For example, last month I had a computer issue that I reported to Help Desk Cavalry. A technician actually responded within five minutes. Within ten minutes, the issue was resolved remotely from their headquarters in Bremerton, WA. Even more amazing, the next day, the Help Desk Cavalry technician called to follow up to see if the issue was still resolved. I was wowed! I am super happy!

Jerry Perez

Always A++ service!

Gail Fleming

Always such wonderful customer service.

I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on how pleased I am with the support provided by your techs. The most stressful part of the end-user experience is the frustration of not “being able to make the damned thing do what I want it to do”. Add a little too much coffee, deadline pressures, co-workers that instinctively click thrice on everything their cursor touches, and the gradual loss of the ability to communicate with words instead of grotesque facial expressions and spittle; and you’ve got yourself a recipe for an insurance claim to replace the work station beaten with a (totally cute) shoe and dropped off the end of the fishing pier because Outlook stopped filtering spam. I’m pretty sure “Exchange Server” is Latin for “Monolith of Pain”. Enter Help Desk. From the moment you pick up my call, to the email confirming the ticket is closed, every tech not only solves the problem at hand, but does it in a way that de-escalates my frustration. Each ticket is handled by an individual that shows understanding, exemplifies patience and quickly sets the rest of my day back on course for success with a smile…maybe even some hugs and rainbows. Each call breathes a little humanity into the cold, dead, lifeless eyes of IT. If not for the human aspect your company applies to doing business – and for exceptional techs like Mel, Armand, Jeff, Loren, Kim et al – we’d be lost at sea, dead in the water, and definitely shortone workstation – and one totally cute shoe. Thanks for making the daily challenge of doing business more human

Samantha Berger

Continue the good work!

Orlando San Juan

Thanks to Steve and his team at Help Desk Cavalry we have the security in knowing that we have IT support that will get us up and running whenever we have computer problems. They understand the need for fast, friendly service, especially when it comes to technology. Their service has been invaluable to our office.

Kara Skinner

Thank you for getting my machine done so quickly and returning it.  This thing now is screaming fast and I am loving it!! You have made me day so much less frustrating and that is a very good thing!

Sherry Eckert

Just a thank you for the quick response and retrieval of a very important file;)

Mary Peters

Very helpful and got me in the right direction to resolve.

Carol Logan

Great attitude and was a pleasure to work with. my problem was simple and they helped solve it in just a few minutes, probably one if I wasn’t such a talker. No need to improve, you’re already the best.

Cassie Brice

You guys were FANTASTIC! The issue was fixed within a short amount of time. Great response and service!!!!!

Of course HDC immediately pointed out the simple, simple fix. I shouldn’t have tried to screw with it 3 times myself. Thanks so much!

Cameron Huntsucker

In our business, we must be able to respond to technical innovations as quickly as possible to remain competitive. When the time came to choose our current network solution we chose The Help Desk Cavalry because they could meet our industry-specific and demanding requirements. In the time since, The Help Desk Cavalry has been a partner in looking at holistic solutions for our business, including telephony, data management and storage, hardware, software and network solutions.

Cyndie Martini

Fast response – nice!

Barbara Mascarin