Sophos Rapid Response

Sophos, Our Esteemed Vendor Partner

Sophos offers cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that empower businesses worldwide. With an unwavering commitment to safeguarding organizations against diverse cyber threats, Sophos provides a comprehensive suite of scalable and user-friendly products, including endpoint protection, firewall and network security, cloud security, and Rapid Response. Their expert team ensures the highest level of detection and prevention for your critical assets and sensitive data, allowing you to focus on your core operations and business growth. 

Experiencing an Active Cyberattack?

We help provide businesses and organizations with 24/7 assistance in the event of an active cyberattack. This means immediate help with incident response, threat hunting, and remediation efforts to help mitigate the impacts of an ongoing cyber incident. Includes analyzing and neutralizing threats such as ransomware, malware, and other forms of advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Click above or call (360) 930-6992 for emergency assistance.

Fast Assistance

Sophos Rapid Response provides incredibly fast assistance, identifying and neutralizing active threats against your organization – delivered by an expert team of incident responders. Whether it is an infection, compromise, or unauthorized access attempting to circumvent your security controls, we have seen and stopped it all.

Sophos Rapid Response is designed to be initiated within hours of notification and is led by a dedicated team of incident responders. This team performs a thorough investigation of the incident, conducts threat hunting to identify undetected threats, and helps remediate the issue.

24/7 Incident Responders

When responding to an active threat, it is imperative that the time between the initial indicator of compromise and full threat mitigation be as brief as possible. As an adversary progresses through the kill chain, it is a race against time to ensure they are unable to achieve their objectives. With Sophos Rapid Response, we get you out of the danger zone fast with our 24/7 team of remote incident responders, threat analysts, and threat hunters. How fast? Onboarding starts within hours, and the majority of customers are triaged in 48 hours. The Sophos Rapid Response service is available for both existing Sophos customers as well as non-Sophos customers.

Managed Detection and Response

The Sophos Rapid Response team are specialists at neutralizing active threats. The moment the incident is resolved and the immediate threat to your organization is neutralized, we transfer you to Sophos MDR Complete, our top-tier service, in “authorize” threat response mode. This provides around-the-clock proactive threat hunting, investigation, detection, and response.

Should the threat return or a new threat emerge, we will be there ready to respond at no additional cost to you

Timeline of Response Coverage

Average time to begin onboarding is within approx. 2 hours

Ongoing expert monitoring and response for 45 days

Majority of customers are triaged in 48 hours or less

365 days with 24/7 coverage for threat hunting, detection, and incident response