5 Cyber Security Tips That Are Free and Easy

Since cyber security is more important now than ever before, we’re sharing simple (and yes, sometimes obvious) tips and reminders so your online safety stays top of mind. As a Help Desk Cavalry valued client, we’ve got your work devices covered with the most up to date antivirus software and security practices. But it’s always a good idea to apply these to your personal devices. Be on the lookout for more to come!

Tech Tip – How to Have Better Virtual Meetings, Part 3: Keep the traction and momentum that you made

Anyone who conducts online meetings on a regular basis will tell you that success is in the follow up. Set up and facilitation are very important but if clear goals and next steps are not shared, everything that was accomplished in the meeting can fall flat. And there’s more to it than just sending out an email that recaps what was discussed. Here are some helpful tips that can keep your momentum rolling.

How to Have Better Virtual Meetings, Part 2: How to conduct an easy & effective online meeting

Setting up your online meeting can definitely have an impact on how effective it can be. But it takes attention and governance to ensure that the meeting flows as intended. This doesn’t have to be exhausting, but it does take awareness. Keeping these points in mind as you start and conduct the meeting will help keep everyone’s time and voice is respected.

Tech Tip – How to Have Better Virtual Meetings, Part 1: How to set up your online meeting for success

Virtual meetings are a reality for most of the world now. And though it can seem easy to simply try to conduct the same meeting you would at the office, there are a multitude of new factors that must be considered.

Tech Alert – Businesses Hoping to Increase Productivity & Upgrade Technology Are Targets of Scams

As you surf the web, it can be difficult to ignore all of the ads and free trial offers that websites throw at you. A newer version of an old scam uses similar messaging, but now targets it to businesses that are trying to pivot in today’s work-from-home world.

Tech Tip – Virtual Meeting Privacy

Virtual meetings are literally saving jobs right now, so it’s understandable why adoption rates are soaring. Back in March, many companies found themselves requiring a new online meeting solution. But with the immediacy of the need, some companies overlooked user best practices that help keep security tight. For instance, have you ever seen anonymous participants on sensitive calls? Often these people were invited and they just chose to login differently, but what if the person who joined wasn’t invited in the first place? And have you ever been finishing up a call as new participants begin joining in–because the access code is the same?

Tech Alert – Vacation Related Scams Target Restless Citizens and Hopeful Planning

Timeshare deals and vacation package scams were big in the early 2010’s and they’re making a small resurgence. These are typically phone calls that offer you deeply discounted prices on fantastic timeshares and/or vacation packages. The offers seem almost too good be true which is how they keep you on the phone, often adding more bonuses as the call goes on. They cite drops in tourism as the main reason for the discounts. The tell-tale sign is that they insist you pay with a form that provides little to no recourse for you, such as a wire transfer, money order, or a certified bank or cashier’s check.

Tech Alert – Remote Workforces Are Reporting an Increase in Desktop Support Scams

Desktop support scams aren’t new, but they’re capitalizing on the confusion and unease that some workers feel while working from atypical environments. Fortunately, these are easy to spot since they most often start with a pop-up on your computer. One of the most tell-tale signs of a scam is that the warning appears within your internet browser, not from installed software. Victims often report the pop-up imitating a blue error screen or the imitation of a trusted antivirus software brand.

Tech Alert – Prize Winning Scams Get Your Money by Offering Higher Chances, Foreign Lotteries, and More

It can be exciting to get a piece of mail or a phone call with “you’re a winner” jumping out at you. But the FTC warns Americans to be careful about who you respond to. A common scam offers you an increased chance to win if you pay a fee (kind of like purchasing extra tickets in a raffle). Other scams announce that you won a foreign sweepstakes or lottery, and requests that you wire money or send a check to a well-known company in order to ensure delivery. Impostors posing as the FTC and other official-sounding government agencies have been reported as well. The goal each and every time is to get you to send money in exchange for an amazing prize or a better chance at winning one.

Tech Alert – With Debt on the Rise for Many Americans, Debt Relief Scams Are Rising Also

Since much of the American business landscape is choked by mandatory quarantines and social restrictions, debt consolidation scams are increasing. These scams are most often reported as cold calls. Scammers call you out of the blue to offer sham “guarantees” which are supposed to get you out of debt quickly and cleanly. Some ask for an upfront fee, then take your money and run. Others will string you along, collecting payments and making promises while you fall farther behind on delinquent accounts. Student loan debt is another hot area under attack, so let your family members know to be suspicious of any loan relief offer.