COVID NOTIFICATION: We are still providing full-scale remote and onsite support for our clients. Our team, the equipment, and the HDCav Help Van are all operating in accordance by the strictest health protection guidelines. Help Desk Cavalry is committed to the safety of your team as well as ours.

Voice & Video

Enterprise Phone System Tools and Security for Small to Mid-Market Companies

Small businesses in Kitsap County often think that the more advanced tools used by large corporations are out of their reach financially and logistically. Call data backups, transcripts, and advanced switch-boarding keep security tight and managers in control. Queues and personalized voice mailboxes keep your staff from missing an important phone call. Video web conferencing with guest access ensure that more can get done during each phone meeting. Tools such as phone trees, smart call forwarding, and call transfers are incredibly useful and remove the need for a receptionist or dedicated phone attendant. All of this is available to companies of any size with HDCav Voice & Video. And it’s probably cheaper than your current phone bill.

Tight Security that’s User Friendly

A reliable phone service is essential for every employee. With so many access points to your workers and their data, security can be a struggle. With HDCav Voice & Video, you get reliability and intuitive usefulness, along with administrative tools that keep the power in your hands. Administrators can listen in and record for training purposes. They can hang up for a user, put someone on hold, or switch callers mid-call in case of security issues. They can see time, duration, and participants of every call made by or to their company. And all of this is available through an easy to use application.

Easier & More Manageable Training Processes


Security Monitoring & Reaction


Regular Data Backups

Personalization, Escalation, & Accessibility

With complicated interfaces, unintuitive processes, and clunky hardware, some phone systems create unnecessary work. Installing a streamlined solution keeps users from wasting time and creates a less stressed environment. For companies with teams that share the load, phone trees and queues keep the calls coming without burdening any one user. When a team member is away, calls can be forwarded to their voicemail with personalized greetings and out-of-office messages, or they can automatically be forwarded to a colleague so nothing is missed. Users can transfer calls themselves, ensuring that instant escalation is available for sales and customer services purposes. Voice and video calls allow participants inside and outside of our organization to join a meeting in just a few clicks. Faxing services are also available for companies who require it.

Ensure Workers Stay Focused and Unburdened


Completely Customizable Voicemail


Forwarding, Transferring, & One-click Accessing