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The Scams

Fake timeshare deals and vacation scams were big in the early 2010’s and they’re making a small resurgence. These are typically phone calls that offer you deeply discounted prices on fantastic timeshares and/or vacation packages. The offers seem almost too good be true which is how they keep you on the phone, often adding more bonuses as the call goes on. They cite drops in tourism as the main reason for the discounts. The tell-tale sign of a vacation scam is that they insist you pay with a form that provides little to no recourse for you, such as a wire transfer, money order, or a certified bank or cashier’s check.

What You Can Do

You probably remember some alerts like this about a decade ago, but here are some reminders.

  • Never commit immediately. If the promotion is valid only while you’re on the call, it’s likely it’s just as it sounds: too good to be true. Hang up.
  • Likewise, hang up immediately on anyone who seems to be employing high-pressure sales tactics. You’re not being rude, you’re protecting yourself. 
  • If they sounds legitimate, get their company information including website. But be aware that websites for companies that appear to be a county away can actually be for scammer half way across the world. Research the company name and call any numbers you find online (not the one the caller hands you).
  • Contact the resort they are attempting to sell and see if they have any relationship with the company that called you.

It’s a pain to spend the time researching offers, but it beats the pain of having money stolen without any recourse. If you’re honestly looking for an opportunity to get away once social restrictions let up, get proactive about it instead of relying on an ‘out of the blue’ call. And let us know if we can do anything for you by calling 360-930-6991 or emailing us at