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Remote Work Tips: 7 Ways to Kill Procrastination

Something we all do, but can learn to limit. Procrastination has many causes: feeling overwhelmed, lack of interest, fatigue, abstract goals, rewards are not immediate enough, even perfectionism. As you try to manage distractions with self-management while working from home, procrastination can creep in without you realizing it. If you find yourself scanning recipes to make for dinner or glancing through Instagram when you know you have more important things to do (and you didn’t set aside this time to do something not associated with work), you may be procrastinating.

Remote Work Tip – 5 Ways to Stop Overworking

Overworking is a common side effect of working remotely because the line between on and off hours can get very hazy when your workstation is only a few feet from you. It’s far too easy to send out a few more emails after dinner, or finish up a document before bed. Typically it starts with good intentions and an eagerness to let your employer know that you’re on top of your job while you’re not onsite. The thought is that you can get a head start on tomorrow’s workload, but the fact is that work is infinite, so all you’re doing is beginning a bad habit.