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More cyber security tips for you, your colleagues, and your family

We’ve got more juicy tips for you to keep in mind (and maybe even employ) as you work and go about your life online. As always, we’re here to help if you have any questions or concerns.
Tip #1: Keep your apps updated on your personal devices
Help Desk Cavalry keeps your work devices updated and secure, but you can still be vulnerable to attacks through your personal ones. According to Homeland Security’s cyber-emergency unit, US-CERT, 85% of all targeted attacks can be prevented by staying current on security patches.

Even more shareable and free cyber security tips that work

One of our jobs as your IT partner is to keep security in the forefront of our minds. So this week we’re sharing more tips that can help safeguard your safety and that of those you care about. Since more and more of us are spending increased hours online, it’s never a bad idea to be reminded of little activities that can make a big difference to prevent becoming a victim.

Tech Tip – Virtual Meeting Privacy

Virtual meetings are literally saving jobs right now, so it’s understandable why adoption rates are soaring. Back in March, many companies found themselves requiring a new online meeting solution. But with the immediacy of the need, some companies overlooked user best practices that help keep security tight. For instance, have you ever seen anonymous participants on sensitive calls? Often these people were invited and they just chose to login differently, but what if the person who joined wasn’t invited in the first place? And have you ever been finishing up a call as new participants begin joining in–because the access code is the same?