Microsoft Teams Training

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Microsoft Teams Application

As you’ll see with the size of the library below, Teams is one of the most multifaceted Microsoft business applications, providing online meetings with screen sharing, document sharing and collaboration, instant messaging, and even VoIP services. It integrates with other Microsoft solutions, like SharePoint, and it comes with dozens of apps designed specifically for Teams that enhance its functionality in specialized ways. 

Getting Started

Teams Tour

Understanding Teams and Channels

Voice Commands with Cortana

Building and Using Teams

Create a Team

Set Up Guide for Team Owners

Invite People to Teams

Work in Channels in a Team

Show and Hide Channels

Create and Use Private Channels

Send an Email to a Channel

Upload and Share Files

Find and Filter Files

Work on a File Together

Use the Command Box

Add Tools with Tabs

Use Apps to Expand Functionality

Manage Notification Settings

Filter Your Activity Feed

Setting Up, Conducting, and Participating in Meetings

Start a Chat and Make Calls

Create a Meeting

Schedule a Meeting

Join a Meeting

Manage Meetings

Share Your Screen in a Meeting

Share PowerPoint Slides

Raise Your Hand

Change Your Background for a Meeting

Record Your Meeting

Plan and Schedule a Live Event

Additional Apps and Functionality

Create a Plan with Planner

Understanding Shifts for Teams

Create a Shifts Schedule

Manage a Shifts Schedule

Understanding Approvals for Teams