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Even those of us who work from the office are probably finding more reasons than just the pandemic to work from home this month. The weather is turning colder, and the coming holidays are bringing their own considerations. So, since everyone is getting cozier and perhaps even a little more relaxed, it’s a great time for a few technology reminders to make sure that 2021 doesn’t start out with failing machines.
BONUS: Anyone who works from home will appreciate these practical stocking stuffers!

Keeping warm is great, but not for your laptop!

  • Don’t set your laptop on a blanket or other material that will block airflow to the fan—stay out of bed and off the couch or use a lap desk.
  • Keep the kitties away. It may be cute when they curl up on your laptop, but their fur will fill your computer.

Cleanliness is tech-liness

  • Keep liquids and food away since even the smallest, most innocent eggnog or gingerbread cookie can turn into disaster with one flick of a finger.
  • Keep hand cleaner nearby so you don’t happen to transfer any dirt or gravy stickiness onto your keyboard.
  • Stock a can of forced air and follow the instructions to make sure you don’t inadvertently damage your machine. Trick: put a recurring reminder in your calendar to give it a once-over once a month.
  • Use only equipment wipes that are fast drying and don’t drip. Don’t user Clorox or other general cleaning wipes since the extra liquid from the wipes can damage the equipment.
  • Never spay any cleaner on the machine directly. Spray it on a microfiber towel, then use the damp towel on your laptop.

Mind its intended use

  • Always check your port’s location and type before plugging something in to make sure you don’t accidentally damage one.
  • Make sure that any labels or stickers are fixed in place before putting a DVD or other media into a drive so it doesn’t bind up.
  • Never force a drive closed if it’s slow or angled to prevent from jamming it.

There’s no such thing as too careful

  • Never ever ever leave your laptop in your car even when running in to drop off a gift. Not only can temperature changes run havoc, but you can also never predict when someone might target your vehicle with their bad intentions.
  • Don’t put heavy objects like books or files (or presents) on your laptop. You’d be surprised what weight can do to the screen and inner workings.

Make sure you have the power

  • Don’t plug printers or space heaters into battery backups or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Tuck your power cord away or run a protective cover over it to prevent:
    • Tripping and damaging both the person and the machine
    • Bored dogs and cats from chewing on them
    • Wheeled chairs from rolling over them and creating
  • Don’t tug your power cord from the wall by the cord Carefully remove the plug from the socket.

Most of these are no-brainers, it’s true. But in a busy or distracted home, it can be easy to skip the basics. Remember that we’re always here to help you with your business technology if anything arises. We hope you have an easy, safe, and happy holiday season!