Featured Product — Skype for Business Video Conferencing

Microsoft Office 365 includes many features that increase productivity, allow for collaboration, and open lines of communication within an organization, but one of the most under-utilized is Skype for Business.  Most users recognize that Skype for Business can be used as a handy chat program, with file sharing and group conversation capabilities, but one of the most powerful features built in to the program is the ability to host and attend video conferences. 

Skype for Business allows for meetings to be scheduled in advance, or started ad-hoc, with up to 250 people that can join via smartphones, tablets, PCs, or meeting room devices. When invited by email, users can join by clicking the meeting invite link from their email or directly from the calendar notification in Outlook.  Starting a meeting ad-hoc is as easy as creating a group conversation by inviting the attendees and starting the video conference from the chat window. 

While in the meeting, collaboration is easy.  Skype for Business allows for up to 6 users to share their screens simultaneously, at up to 1080p resolution, so you and your coworkers can easily compare presentations, websites, and anything else in real time.  Other users can continue to communicate via voice and text chat, with easy-to-use controls to moderate if needed. 

There are plenty of tools to make your meeting stand out with Skype for Business like content sharing with real-time co-authoring, desktop sharing, application sharing, and PowerPoint presentations, all without having to learn or use other programs.  With the ability to join with almost any device, all the fantastic tools and options to improve the quality and content of your meeting, and the easy to learn and use interface, Skype for Business is a must-have feature for every office.

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