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The Port of Kingston was founded in 1919 and is a government agency that serves the community with recreation and park services. Yet the port has its eye on the future, hoping to provide economic development opportunities in recreation, jobs, and manufacturing. We spoke with the director of the Port, Jim Pivarnik, who has worked in the port business for about twenty years, so when the opportunity arose for him to become the director of the Port of Kingston last year, he jumped at the chance.

Over the years, Kingston has set its sights on growth. Compared to the rest of Kitsap County, the town is small. In order to grow significantly, the Port of Kingston and the rest of the local people are hoping to entice more jobs to come to Kingston. In an effort to help with that, the Port will be home to a passenger ferry that will allow for a direct transportation link to downtown Seattle by June 2018.

To keep things running smoothly at the Port of Kingston, technology is critical for many aspects. Maintaining a public database of documents and records is a heavy task, and required by the government. Even more pressing is the demand for faster WiFi in the marina, mobile check-in services, and quick transactions that can only be done using the newest technology. Help Desk Cavalry has been instrumental in implementing new ways for the Port to handle increased technological demand.

Luckily, the Port of Kingston has been with Help Desk Cavalry’s team for many years. As none of the staff at the port is capable of IT, it is important for them to be able to rely on Help Desk’s on-call services to get them through the day. When the Port of Kingston gets a request for thousands of documents, Help Desk Cavalry is there to help them sort through and organize what is needed.

Jim says, “They are a partner, we couldn’t be running the Port as efficiently as we are without them.”