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Parker Mooers & Cena (PMC), PS, Certified Public Accountants ( have provided a bedrock of financial security for Kitsap County since 1979. One of the most established firms in the Olympic Peninsula, Parker Mooers & Cena has their eye firmly on expansion for extended local coverage, as well as working hand-in-hand with business organizations throughout the greater Kitsap area.

Company President Johnnie Hawkins, a locally grown resident of Kitsap, has a firmly hands-on approach to daily operations. Technological advances have allowed PMC to adapt to shifting economic realities and expand their sphere-of-service capabilities while retaining a solid base as a local company, and since their previous Spotlight last year, they’ve come even farther.

Now, PMC boasts a clientele of well over 2,500 accounts, with high-tech solutions allowing operations across the entire country and into international markets.

“Integrating all our offices together has been key to our growth, “ says Hawkins. One of the best points in working with Help Desk Cavalry has been: “having one company that services all our locations. I like having them in my corner for technological problem solving. I can bring them a question and know that I will always get an excellent, quick response.”

PMC specifically notes Help Desk Cavalry’s ‘Hardware as a Service’ as an appealing option for a company looking to increase their bandwidth for business while not being burdened by the constant cost of upgrading to the newest technologies. “We enjoy simply contracting the hardware and knowing that the upgrade will happen and that the pricing is not a whole lot different—it takes a step out of the process for us.”

The dual-aspects of the business & technology partnership represented by PMC and Help Desk Cavalry continues to work well in building a healthy, locally focused business community.