COVID NOTIFICATION: We are still providing full-scale remote and onsite support for our clients. Our team, the equipment, and the HDCav Help Van are all operating in accordance by the strictest health protection guidelines. Help Desk Cavalry is committed to the safety of your team as well as ours.

Northern Asphalt opened in 2009 as a humble family-owned business launched from Sharon and Michael Meeker’s living room. Although they started small, their dream of providing quality services to the local community spurred them on to be the successful company they are today. Prior to establishing Northern Asphalt, Michael, the owner, had worked in the industry for many years. With his experience and Sharon’s design background, the two were able to build a brand that is now very recognizable in Kitsap County.

By sticking to their business philosophy of remaining transparent, trustworthy, and honest with their clients, Northern Asphalt has been rewarded with high customer satisfaction, great  reviews, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Their main focus has always been the customer and providing an accurate bid that ensures no one is being taken advantage of. Not only does Northern Asphalt provide excellence to their clients, they consistently give back to the community by donating equipment to school programs and sponsoring local sports leagues.

Through it all, being on top of the ever-evolving technological advances has been a key factor in staying current and accessible to customers. Prior to Help Desk Cavalry, Sharon was in charge of learning IT and maintaining the computers and servers for twelve office personnel. With everything crammed into a small, 600ft office, keeping up with the updates became quite the trial and that is when they turned to Help Desk Cavalry for assistance.

Since bringing on Matt and Steve, Northern Asphalt has had a number of upgrades. By adding new phones, computers, software, and their own server, providing quality service has been better than ever. Through business growth and even a change of location, Help Desk Cavalry has been able to maintain consistent support so that Michael and Sharon can continue working closely with clients.

“We’re way more efficient,” Sharon says. “I can’t say enough good things about Help Desk. They’ve been there for us nonstop.”