COVID NOTIFICATION: We are still providing full-scale remote and onsite support for our clients. Our team, the equipment, and the HDCav Help Van are all operating in accordance by the strictest health protection guidelines. Help Desk Cavalry is committed to the safety of your team as well as ours.

Part two of our company structure…  We have three core divisions within Help Desk Cavalry.  These divisions are Remote Services (a.k.a. Help Desk Team), Onsite Services (a.k.a. Project Team), and System Services (a.k.a. Behind the Curtain Team).  Last month, we discussed the Help Desk Team.  This month, we want to share a little more about our Project Team.

Our Project Team are the people you see at your office, hence the Onsite Services.  This Team focusses on sales, onboarding new clients and refreshing existing equipment, hands on support services, as well as account management.  Once a client has agreed to partner with Help Desk Cavalry, our Project Team goes through a thorough process to ensure we replace questionable equipment, document the environment and paint a picture so that the Help Desk Team can support the new client remotely without ever setting foot onsite.  This process has taken years to polish and includes everything from software and hardware details to vendor contacts and permissions.  The better job we do up front, the better service our clients experience for years to come.  As we continue to improve our services, we realized that an occasional visit from our technicians is in everyone’s best interest.  So, we are in the process of scheduling drop-by visits just to see if there are issues our clients have that they are not reporting.  We truly believe in the partnership between us and our clients and that we are part of their team.  By visiting more often, we feel that our partnership will only become stronger.  We are eager to hear your feedback in the months to come!