COVID NOTIFICATION: We are still providing full-scale remote and onsite support for our clients. Our team, the equipment, and the HDCav Help Van are all operating in accordance by the strictest health protection guidelines. Help Desk Cavalry is committed to the safety of your team as well as ours.

Since cyber security is more important now than ever before, we’re sharing simple (and yes, sometimes obvious) tips and reminders so your online safety stays top of mind. As a Help Desk Cavalry valued client, we’ve got your work devices covered with the most up to date antivirus software and security practices. But it’s always a good idea to apply these to your personal devices. Be on the lookout for more to come!

#1 – Understand that you are a target

Actually everyone is, regardless of employment status, financial class, or how much time is spent online. And it’s not even personal, since cyber criminals usually automate most of their attacks. Don’t ever say “it can’t happen to me.”

#2: Remember the golden rule of online shopping

Never transmit financial information from a device that isn’t yours or on a network that you don’t own (or is owned by someone you work for). Make sure that you’re the only one spending your money by:

  • Using safe networks
  • Employing strong passwords 
  • Being careful about which websites you shop at
  • Never saving your card details in an online account
  • Verifying your transactions weekly to make sure there’s nothing fishy going on.

#3: Think twice before plugging in

Never use a USB that is unknown to you. Make sure you know who owned the drive before you and that you trust its contents. Malicious drives can be infected with malware that can even resist formatting. Don’t let curiosity get the best of you.

#4: Make sure a friend is really a friend

It’s not unusual for cyber criminals to create fake social media profiles and find an in to befriend you. The ultimate goal is to get you to leak confidential data to them (either about you or the company you work for). Be careful of the friend requests you accept. Don’t trust anyone enough to divulge details unless you know them in real life and you’re absolutely, positively sure they can be trusted. 

#5: Make sure you protect your passwords in real life

We’re all on our phones and tablets while we’re out in the world living life. That means we’re consistently surrounded by strangers as we log into devices and share data. There’s nothing wrong with glancing over your shoulder before you enter a passcode or password. Especially if it’s something as easy as 123456 (please change it if that’s the case).

More tips are on the way in future blog posts. If you have any questions regarding your work devices or if you’d like to find out more about how HDCav covers your company, please feel free to contact us anytime at or 360-930-6991.