Ricky Parker

Project Technician

Ricky’s love of computers began with playing video games and quickly became a passion. He began building them at 14 and his status as being “the IT guy” among his friends and family steadily built. With such a strong personal background in computers and IT, Ricky is a natural fit as one of our Project Technicians. His self-professed goal is to help others understand how capable and useful their technology is while showing them ways to optimize how they use it. Ricky is also a born tinkerer, enjoying modifying everything on cars from structural to electrical. He has built a small house on his own, likes remodeling them, and is taking up photography. As someone who loves to understand how things work from start to finish, he’s an excellent member of our support team. Ricky lives with his fiancé and 6 pets (a dog, cats, and reptiles) in Bremerton, WA.