Microsoft Windows 10 Training

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Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most important software that runs on your computer. It’s Microsoft most recent version of a series of operating systems that manages the computer’s memory and processes, as well as all its software and hardware. It also allows you to communicate and command the computer without knowing how to speak the computer’s language. Basically, your computer would be useless without an operating system like Windows 10.

Windows Fundamentals

What Is a Microsoft Account

Personalize Your PC

3 Ways to Quickly Find Things on Your PC

Connect to Networks, Devices, and More

Connect a Monitor to Your PC

Use the Action Center

Use Quick Assist

Manage Updates in Windows 10

Save Battery Life on Your PC

Setup Your OneDrive Folder in Windows 10

Quickly Add Emojis

Make Your PC Easier to Use

Get Apps from the Microsoft Store