Adobe Reader Training

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Adobe Reader

Adobe developed the PDF (Portable Document Format) back in 1993 and it is now the most commonly used document format for printing and sharing. This format ensures that layout and other design elements be locked into place and optimized so they don’t shift around. Adobe has many levels of functionality that users can access, most with paid subscriptions. These videos only cover the more basic items that most users have access to.

Building & Sharing

Understand the Adobe DC Interface

Create a PDF from Text & Image Files

Edit Text & Image Files in PDFs

Add New Pages to a PDF

Share a PDF 

Work with PDFs Online

View Multiple PDFs in Tabs

3 Ways to Find PDFs Faster

Add or Change Your Default Email Address

Use Your Smartphone Camera to Create a PDF


Digitally Sign a PDF

Setting Up Your User Account

Send a PDF for eSignature

Use ‘Only I Sign’ and Send a PDF

Get Multiple Signatures

Use Prefill

Cancel a Request for eSignature

Manage & Track PDFs