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How It Works

Help Desk Cavalry is a complete IT services partner. We act as our clients’ IT department, providing the same service and insight as position from CIO down to entry level technicians. Our team focuses on finding success for everyone involved. We believe that many IT Services companies can simply fix technical issues. However, we don’t only want your technology to work, we want it to work for you so you can grow your business. Your success is how we gauge ours.

If you are looking for an IT Services partner to ensure that your technology is helping you take your business where you want to go, we are excited to meet with you!

Break the Cycle.

Spend more time on your business, and less on your technology.

  • Your Business
  • Your IT

Which IT services can we help you with?

You are in business because you are passionate about a product or service that you offer.  Most likely, technology is required to improve that offering.  Unfortunately, just because you are passionate about your business, it doesn’t usually translate into having a passion for how you accomplish that.  Technology exists to make our lives easier.  But, if you are shifting focus from your business to security, backups, servers, workstations, phone systems, email, or any other technology that you are using, then you’re not focusing on what you are best at.  Let Help Desk Cavalry’s IT services take care of your technology so that you can focus on taking care of your business! We are obsessed with client success!

Don't Let Email Rule Your Life

Email runs your business, but it doesn’t have to run your life. If you’re experiencing issues with email, call Help Desk Cavalry. Our capable and patient team will assist with every challenge from email setup and migration to phishing scams and daily email connection issues. Don’t let email issues get in the way of running your business.

Can't afford to hire a whole IT team?

We’re here to change that. Need help with your day to day support issues? Just call in the cavalry, Help Desk Cavalry is here to help with all your technology needs and has a team of experts that work together for your company.  Not only can we take care of issues, we update and manage your systems so that issues become less frequent, insuring that your employees can do the work they are paid for, instead of waiting on support issues to be resolved.

Is your data secure and accessible?

At the core of your business, you need confidence that your systems and your company data is secure. Help Desk Cavalry provides industry leading firewall devices that helps ensure that you are safe from outside attacks as well as internal.

Do you have a plan for data loss?

Business is dependent on technology and the data it stores. Help Desk Cavalry provides best practice solutions to ensure that you have backups of all your data onsite as well as at a remote location (in case of fire, flood, or theft).  Not only do we back it up, we provide our clients with the confidence that we can restore their data to systems in as short of time as possible.

Help Desk Cavalry standardizes on hardware.

We have found that by selecting the best equipment and standardizing on it, all of our technicians become extremely knowledgeable, therefore providing better service to our clients.  A mechanic that goes to school to work on BMW’s can still work on Chevy, but they will provide a much faster and more competent service on the BMW. Not only do we provide great solutions for our clients, we realize that not all of our clients want to invest their capital on technology.  They prefer to spend their capital on product or marketing efforts.  Therefore, we have come up with a solution that most of our clients are able to “rent” the same product they would have purchased through us.  This allows our clients to make low monthly payments instead of one large purchase.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) role is to manage IT resources and align the technology to the business needs. This includes policies and procedures, budgeting, resourcing and training.  CIO’s are becoming increasingly important in calculating how to increase profits, reduce expenses, and setting up controls and planning for potential disasters.  Larger companies have the need and budget for a full time CIO.  Most of our clients have the need for some form of a CIO, but not the budget.  For those clients, we offer a Virtual CIO (vCIO) package.  Our clients are provided with our vCIO resource to attend important meetings and build a strategy that supports the businesses goals moving forward

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