Featured Technology — Windows 10

As we have all heard, Microsoft has offered free upgrades from Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 until July 29th.   The question is, should we upgrade?  Help Desk Cavalry (HDCav) has been rolling Windows 10 out to clients for most of this year, but what we haven’t been doing is upgrading clients to Windows 10 from previous versions.  While the free offering is great, it’s not a reason to upgrade. If your system is working well with Windows […]

Luke joined the HDCav Team in March of 2015 when we acquired ProAction-IT and he’s been a valuable asset ever since. Luke has over 20 years of experience as an IT Professional. Luke even owned his own IT company after retiring from the US Navy. Luke is one of our senior engineers and is loved by clients for his demeanor as well as his dedication.

Luke spends his free time enjoying the waters of Puget Sound on his boat, spending time with his grandchildren and family, and singing karaoke. Luke is very proud of the house he built in Kingston, where he did much of the construction and landscaping himself. He brings that same level of commitment to his work here at Help Desk Cavalry. Something else few know about Luke is that he used to be a gymnast in high school. He’s needed that flexibility here at HDCav. We’re all glad that Luke is on our team!

Featured Product — Intel’s NUC

Last month we shared with you some information about workstations.  We’d like to dive in a little deeper this month on one particular style of workstation. Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) has taken the technology industry by storm over the last couple years and has received fantastic reviews. The NUC provides as much processor speed, memory and storage space as larger machines, but only takes up a fraction of the space. The small size (roughly 4.5”x4.5”x2”) allows businesses to […]

Client Spotlight — Mora Iced Creamery

Thanks to entrepreneurs Jerry Perez and Ana Orselli, Mora Iced Creamery has been providing top-quality ice cream to Kitsap County for over 10 years. They started their first store on Bainbridge Island after arriving here with their family from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since then they have expanded to facilities in Poulsbo and Kingston. Jerry is the CEO of Mora Iced Creamery and has a long history of entrepreneurial business activities, with Ana as the creative and brand genius behind […]

July 2016 Events

From networking in Bremerton to informational workshops in Poulsbo, there always seems to be something going on in Kitsap County. Take a look at July’s upcoming business events. Tuesday July 19th 7:30am to 9 am, Good Moring Kitsap at Hopjacks. Good Morning Kitsap held on the 1st, 3rd, 4th Tuesday of the month is working on a Silverdale improvement plan with the service clubs and various Silverdale businesses. This will be for community projects, and for changes envisioned for our […]

Featured Technology — Windows Updates

When do you run updates?  Is automatic update the right choice or should you manually schedule them?  For home users that don’t have an IT Department, automatic update might be the right decision as the default setting for Windows Update.  Help Desk Cavalry, on the other hand, puts each update through a week long test before deployment to production systems to ensure that there are no issues with compatibility.  This ensures that your programs and business software will not have […]

Featured Product — Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Keeping viruses and malware from infecting your computers is a never-ending battle. Without a managed Anti-Virus program, you are increasingly vulnerable to the ever changing host of dangerous viruses and spyware. With the sophistication of viruses these days, it requires the ever improving protection that is provided by top rated Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software. Help Desk Cavalry provides Kaspersky Anti-Virus software and Malwarebytes for Anti-Malware! Help Desk Cavalry automatically updates the Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware programs and monitors installed systems for […]

Jeff Dick has been working for Help Desk Cavalry for as long as the company has been around. Born and raised in Bremerton, Jeff worked remotely for several years out of state assisting Help Desk Cavalry as a Tier II Support Technician but we’re happy to have him back at the main office where we can see his smiling face. Jeff’s skills as a technician are greatly valued here at Help Desk Cavalry and our clients easily recognize his dulcet tones and cheerful demeanor. Highly dedicated to his work, Jeff frequently boasts the highest ticket completion rate of all our technicians.

Jeff enjoys a good challenge and learning new things, which serves him well when he’s spending time with his wife and 8 children including their newest addition, their 4 week old son. Jeff enjoys camping and hiking and hopes to share that hobby with his family over the summer.

Client Spotlight — Communitas

Communitas is a community-based, person-centered non-profit organization headquartered in Bremerton that provides residential services for adults with developmental and cognitive disabilities. It was organized in 1979 by parents of institutionally-housed adults, who formed a board of directors, obtained Washington State certifications, and set up four group homes that enabled their adult children to live in the community. There are now twelve remote residential sites, ranging from Port Orchard to Poulsbo, housing thirty-nine adults. Unlike other facilities, Communitas refers to the […]

Born and raised in Michigan, Jerrod moved here from Arizona in November 2013 to be our Service Coordinator, but his dedication to excellent customer service soon saw him promoted to Help Desk Manager. Jerrod’s primary focus as Help Desk Manager is to maintain a connection to our clients as a central point of contact for their issues and to keep our technicians informed of our client’s needs at a higher level.  In addition to being the Help Desk Manager, Jerrod is also our impromptu handyman, often fixing mechanical issues around the office. Jerrod enjoys a good challenge and learning new things. When Jerrod is not in the office, you can find him working on vehicles, playing outside in the mud, or spending time with his wife and two kids.