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Angela Kostoff

Account Manager

Angela—who goes most frequently by Angei—is one of our outstanding Account Managers, and she works closely with our clients to ensure the value they get from their IT and from our partnership is always improving. A logger’s daughter who was raised in North Bend, OR, Angei is a long-time Pacific Northwest resident and lover. She now lives in Bremerton with her boyfriend and two cats, Pipper Marie and Papoy, and has close family around Kitsap County. She loves to be outdoors, particularly on the Pacific coastline. Her adventurous spirit and love of learning are two reasons why she’s great at her job since her workdays are continually changing. She’s also a professional photographer who creates images for various types of shoots and events. When she’s not camping or clicking a shutter, she can be found teaching West Coast Swing couples dancing, and sculpting with clay, and repurposing furniture for sale.

Angei is a fierce animal lover, and her favorite nonprofits in the area are Kitsap Humane Society and PAWS. One of the more important pieces of advice that she’s heard is “Never go off of first impression you never know what that person is dealing with in that moment.”